Flirt with your inner chef

Learn the whys and hows of cooking while making something delicious.

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Never too easy, never too hard, always delicious.



They make a $3 meal taste like it is $30! I normally wouldn’t want to use a food making app because I’ve always felt like it wasn’t worth the money or the effort. But the way they explain things, and everything, it just is so worth the money and the effort. I would recommend this app to everyone I can


A cooking class that doesn't require you to leave your house and embarrass yourself in front of strangers or be the 7th wheel in a couples cooking class.

A dream for hungry ADHD-ers!!!

This app is so ADHD friendly - humorous, everything is just a click and go including a full shopping list a checklist for equipment and then we get into the recipe which is just awesome.

I have been looking for this my whole life!

I'm 28 and just now embarking on my cooking journey and this is PHENOMENAL!!! Thank you thank you I am so grateful for this awesome easy to understand app ❤️🥰


I have only made one dish so far but I'm so excited to keep using this app to cook! I have already learned so much and am so happy with the results. Such a helpful method of teaching while not making you feel like it's “too hard” or anything like that. I would recommend this to anyone and am eager to keep learning!

Just awesomely amazing

Best app to learn how to ACTUALLY cook. Here you will learn the foundations of cooking, not just recipes. You will not have just the list of ingredients, you will learn why you are mixing them. Awesome app, really!

Amazing app

I love the app design, concept, graphics, videos and humor. I am so excited to have found this app, this will help me and so many of my friends. Love the menu and ingredients this app has streamlined all the hard parts of finding something to make dinner. Thank you!

The ONLY app i use regularly

If i could have dreamed up a cooking app for myself it would have looked something like Zest — I use it a few times each week to prepare dinners and it injects some liveliness in what is normally a routine mo­ment