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The people cooking up Zest

Jake Gutstein


I grew up in a house that cheffed everything from stuffed peppers to slow cooked brisket. Despite my culinary roots, I never learned how to cook myself and was helpless the first time I moved out on my own to start a new job.

Amrit Saini


I joined Zest after months of painstaking market and product positioning research. Just kidding. I've been building digital products for more than ten years, and after a single meeting with Jake, Sav, and Graham, I knew they had something special and wanted to be a part of it.

Savannah Cooper

Creative Director

I remember the first time I grilled fish with my dad, wrapping it in tinfoil with juicy grape tomatoes, lemons, onions and capers. The mix of flavors produced something so delicious, and I took part in its creation? Woah. From that moment on, I viewed cooking as an art form. I created Zest to bring that art into people's every day lives.

Graham Kirstein


I developed a light obsession with new wave food media. When it came time for me to cook for myself, it was much harder than I ever anticipated. My grocery hauls became monotonous and wasteful, so as a result, my culinary skills never grew at the rate I was hoping for. I helped build Zest to eliminate the barriers that hold people back in the kitchen, so they can focus on the creative and joyous moments.

Julie Ottusch

Director of Culinary

I joined Zest because the minute I met with Jake I knew he, Graham, Sav, and Amrit were on to something special. I have always loved cooking, writing, and teaching. The opportunity to make a career out of those skills while helping people achieve happiness and confidence in the kitchen was too good to pass up.

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